Downton Abbey Season 4

At the end of Season 3 of Downton Abbey I boldly made some predictions about Season 4. I came out as a footman - holding the bag!

-Tom Branson the widowed Irish Mick will bed the widowed Lady Mary and together they will rule Downton Abbey
Tom and Lady Mary made inroads on ruling Downton Abbey but never went down the road to Lady Mary’s bedroom.
-Lady Edith will bed the newspaper editor, get pregnant and give birth to a cub reporter.
Lady Edith did her part but Michael went missing in action in Germany. This is obviously a setup for Season 5.
-Mr. Barrow and James agreed to be friends in tonight’s episode but Season 4 will see them both coming out of the closet and resume Barrow’s failed attempt to bed James. Barrow referring to him as Jimmy is the tip off.
In Season 4, Barrow came off as a prick but never showed his sexuality.
- The Season 4 shocker will be Carson the butler bedding Mrs. Hughes the housekeeper.
Holding hands in the last episode doesn't cut it. Another setup for Season 5?
- The wild card in Season 4 will be Cousin Rose coming to live in Downton Abbey. It turns out that Rose is a nymphomaniac who beds all the footmen in sight.
Only half right. She doesn't F$#k footmen.
- Not surprisingly, the producers will change the name of this Masterpiece Classic to “Once Upon a Mattress”.
Missed again. Maybe they will latch on to my suggestion of Downtown Alley for season 5.

Oh well, there is always next season.

Season 5? Nazi Germany will be worked in as well as the affairs of the Prince of Wales. Tom the Mick will become an important politician. Lady Mary will bed Tony Gillingham but will marry the pig expert. Mrs. Crawley will become a Lady. Carson will retire and take Mrs. Hughes with him. Downton Abbey will suffer a fatal blow when the world financial markets take a dive. There will be no Season 6.

After Season 5, this reviewer will resort to watching movie reruns during the cold months of January and February instead of British soap operas. At least I can predict the plot (don't bet on it).

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