Musings From Tony Rugare's Keyboard hosts my musings, reminiscences and rants (in the guise of commentaries). Offshoots of this blog are Fun With Cliches which consists of posts deliberately laced with cliches and According To Marge  which hosts the sayings of Marge Rugare, a high primal thinker.

My blogging is a hobby and fulfills a fantasy for me. I once thought about pursuing a career in journalism but other factors dictated that a career in engineering was the path for me. In the environment I was brought up in, if you were lucky enough to earn a college scholarship, you chose law, medicine or engineering as your field of study. Engineering got my nod and it was off to Cornell University.

I have no regrets in having chosen an engineering career. I suspect that I made a better engineer than I would have a writer. What does this all have to do with my blog? For a retired old codger, blogging gives me the opportunity to fantasize that I’m a journalist. I get to the keyboard of my computer every day and try to come up with a post worth publishing. It’s like going to the office. I set my own hours and I’m my own boss. The pay is lousy but the satisfaction is priceless.

'My technical training gets in the way of my blogging hobby now and then. I like to experiment and unfortunately my blogs are a target for frequent changes  I did say it’s a hobby.

-Tony Rugare

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