No to making Opening Day a federal holiday

Some former ball players are trying to get Congress to make baseball's Opening Day a federal holiday. My first reaction is that these old codgers are starving for publicity. My second reaction is that the idea is absurd.

I submit that Opening Day has been a "people's holiday" for decades. Baseball fans have already made it a holiday to rival any federal holiday. Putting a stamp of  'federal holiday' on it raises the possibility that spontaneous joys such as skipping school or calling in sick on a job in order to get to the ballpark will be lost. There is no need of government messing around with what is already a special day for millions. No seal of approval is warranted. It is a done deal. Furthermore, if the big box stores get wind of this movement, they will degrade the day with Opening Day Sales. No to making Opening Day a federal holiday!

My third reaction is ho-hum. Not to worry, Congress is too busy taking a holiday from legislating. Besides, fans (the 99 per-centers that is) are too busy making ends meet to sign any petition.

If Congress wakes up and sees this movement as an opportunity to gain favor with the electorate, I hope some congressman adds an amendment requiring the Cleveland Indians to retire Chief Wahoo.

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