All Hail The Presidents

Today is Presidents' Day, a.ka. Washington's Birthday even though he was born on February 22. February 22 is important to me,, not because of Washington, but because my mother was born on February 22. I always thought it was cool that on my mother's birthday there were all kinds of sales. No longer,, President Day sales are a weekend event culminating on the third Monday of February. Washington gets to have two birthdays but my late Mother must be satisfied with one. If she were alive,, I'm sure she would have a few choice words about "George-the wash" having screwed up her birthday celebration.

Now about this business (and it is) of honoring our presidents with a federal holiday in February. I submit that it is unfair. More presidents were born in October than February- 14% vs 9%. Why not a Presidents' Day in October. It would be a good way of turning Halloween into a federal holiday. I think it is appropriate since most presidents scare the shit out of you. I doubt that the lobbyists would permit our representatives to take this action. We already have all kinds of Halloween sales. Adding a President Day sale at the same time does not make any economic sense. 

The idea of a Presidents' Day to honor our presidents is in need of review. I'm not comfortable with a special day devoted to our presidents. Heck, we are reminded everyday that the president is the most powerful person in the world (except in Washington, D.C.). As soon as we elect a president, the campaigning starts anew. The presidency is in the news everyday.

Instead of celebrating Presidents' Day on the third Monday of February, why not celebrate it on February 29th. Formally honoring our Presidents every four years should be sufficient.The retailers would protest but who cares. I'm sure that they will come up with a scheme to make February 29 the mother of all sales. Lincoln and Washington will care less,, they will always be first in the hearts of their countrymen everyday.. Best of all, we could use Presidents' Day as a platform for a winter sport competition. The blue states could compete with the red states in a winner take all event. Hmmm - sounds a bit like the presidential primary. Oh well, I'll leave it up to Congress which is equivalent to doing nothing.

( By the way, there is no truth to the rumor that in an effort to improve his ratings, Barack Obama is planning to celebrate his birthday on the third Monday of February.)

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