Make America A Banana Republic Again

Trump wins! Racists and bigots poised to celebrate the demise of the America ready to accept the poor and downtrodden of the world. Indeed we will be the most powerful banana republic of the world.


About Baseball And Presidential Elections

The Cleveland Indians had the Chicago Cubs ready for the dumper with a 3-1 lead in the Series. One more game in their hip pocket and Cleveland would rule the baseball world. Curses! The Cubs win 3 straight and the baseball throne is theirs.

Hillary Clinton as recently as two weeks ago was a shoo-in to become the first female President of the United States of America. Fast forward to November 6 and Hillary Clinton may be the first female Presidential candidate to concede to President -elect Donald Trump.

Inconceivable? Unfortunately not. The Cubs are guaranteed their throne for one year. A President Trump would rule for at least four years. Unacceptable but possible. There are enough stupid voters ready to commit the unpardonable act of voting for a simpleton. Come to think of it, birds of a feather flock together. Only a bird brain would waste his vote on Trump.

 This must be a nightmare. There is no way it will play out like this tomorrow. Or is there?


Fast Forward To Election Day

At my age I really can't afford the luxury of wishing we could fast forward time to November, 2016 and get this election for President of The United States over with. I've faithfully voted in every election since the ripe young age of twenty-one and did so with conviction for my choices but ready to accept the opposition if that were to be. Not so this year. I've made my choice and the thought that I might come out the loser has my A-fib acting up. The longer the debate between Trump and Clinton goes on the more chances their are that some stupid event will swing the election to Trump. I most certainly am not ready to accept such an outcome. I've heard enough. I'm ready to vote. Where the hell is that time machine to take us to election day?


Tony's Finch Diner Emerges From Bankruptcy

Tweet, tweet! Tony decided to give his Finch Diner another go. After firing the Chef and splurging on some fresh thistle seed, the Diner is ready for a comeback. As I write this there is a finch gorging himself at the feeder. I have the High Primal to thank for this reversal of fortunes. She kept harping that the thistle I had was too cheap. It was thistle given to me. I not sure of the donor's ethnicity but in the future it will pay to beware of Greeks bearing gifts.


Will Snail Mail Make A Comeback?

The internet has given us e-mail and texting as popular forms of communication. In the process the United States Postal Service and its snail mail have suffered large losses and some say are terminal. Terminal? Not so fast. Hell, politicians and their shenanigans were much safer with snail mail. By the time a stupid snail mail became public they were already history. Not so with e-mail. E-mail as Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz well know can get into the wrong hands in real time. Any politician worth his salt must have concluded by now that e-mail should not be the bearer of smears and sensitive comments. Snail mail is a much better choice. By the time snail mail is delivered the events leading to its creation are history. Of course snail mail will not make a comeback. We are too committed to quick ways of becoming asses. For instance, tweeting has become an important form of communication for most politicians. In the future politicians will only be guilty of stupid squawks. Incidentally, is it texting's turn to upset some politician's apple cart?