About The Iran Nuclear Deal

The Obama administration has finally negotiated  a deal to limit Iran's nuclear capability. Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to denounce it as a historic mistake. A bushel full of Republican presidential hopefuls have started to parrot his warnings. We will have to endure 60 days of militaristic posturing by our conservative politicians in Congress. So be it. In the end the deal will be implemented and we have a chance of stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

As a byproduct, the deal  will unfetter us from the control of our Mideast relations by Israel. Israel is universally believed to posses nuclear arms. Personally I am no more comfortable with this than I am with North Korea or Iran possessing nuclear arms. At best, Israel's views on nuclear capabilities are hypocritical.

 Bravo Obama. Bravo Kerry. Thank you for giving diplomacy a nod over bombs.

(By the way, the price of gasoline should plummet. I wonder how our neo-cons will handle that.)


Hypocrisy At Work

Take down the flag- the Confederate flag. Its about time that this symbol of racism is eradicated. Why however, have the cries for doing away with emblems of racism and discrimination which exist in the world of sports gone unheeded.  The Washington Redskins will take the field this Fall and the Cleveland Indians will continue to sport Chief Wahoo (who returns the favor by cursing their play).  Redskins belong in the same category as the N word and Chief Wahoo is as insulting as Black Sambo. All the arguments made for banishing the Confederate flag can also be made for getting rid of the Redskins name as well as Chief Wahoo. Concerning the latter, just how appropriate is it to refer to a baseball team as Indians? Native Americans deserve as much respect as any hyphenated American - African,Irish, Asian Italian etc. If the Confederate flag comes down and the Washington Redskins and Chief Wahoo continue to thrive it will only demonstrate our hypocrisy at work.


Milestone or Millstone?

I am told that today is a milestone in my life. The occasion is my ninetieth birthday. I am glad to report that today was also uneventful. I was successful in keeping it low key and filled myself with the joy of a cholesterol laden dinner and the affection of my family. Life is indeed good when ninety years pass and one is still able to walk unassisted, drive an automobile and participate in a meaningful discussion with family. The challenge now is to keep this aging phenomenon from becoming a burden to family and a millstone for me. Fortunately I feel I'm up to the challenge (once I get this Zantac down)..


Old Blogs Never Die

If frequent posting is a measure of a blog's health, "Musings From Tony's Keyboard" is on life support. I'd pull the plug but the prognosis is that old blogs never die, they just fade away.


He was a good cop!

Mark F. Rugare 1954-1997
How I wish that Detective Sgt. Mark Rugare were here today so that I could discuss with him the distrust that police in general have earned because of Ferguson and now Baltimore.

Mark probably would have reminded me that there are many more good than bad cops. He probably would add that there are bad civilians who bring out the worst in the bad cops.

During these troubled days, I find comfort in recalling that Detective Sgt. Mark Rugare was without question a good cop.