Downton Abbey Season 5

Downton Abbey Season 5 concluded last night. I'm disappointed. Not because the season is over but because indications are that there will be a Season 6. My objection to a Season 6 - it will transition into the likes of a daytime soap opera. I'm afraid that the past success of Downton Abbey has made its writers slowly fall in love with soapy, trite plots. Sometimes success breeds contempt for good judgment.

My predictions for Season 5 were:

Nazi Germany will be worked in as well as the affairs of the Prince of Wales. Tom the Mick will become an important politician. Lady Mary will bed Tony Gillingham but will marry the pig expert. Mrs. Crawley will become a Lady. Carson will retire and take Mrs. Hughes with him. Downton Abbey will suffer a fatal blow when the world financial markets take a dive. There will be no Season 6.

After Season 5, this reviewer will resort to watching movie reruns during the cold months of January and February instead of British soap operas. At least I can predict the plot (don't bet on it).

I came close on Mrs. Crawley. I came very close on Carson and Mrs. Hughes. As for the last prediction, I have a whole year to decide whether or not I want to commit to watching Season 6. Other than that, my predictions smelled to high heaven.

Fortunately my Sunday night TV viewing will be salvaged not only with movie reruns but by the return of Cleveland Indians baseball. Prediction? The Indians will return for another season in 2016. Chief Wahoo will not.


About Short People And Automobiles

At an inflated 5'2", the High Primal considers herself part of a downtrodden segment of our society known as short people. In this household her feelings about being short leave nothing to the imagination. A countless number of times she has made it clear that " they don't give a Fuck about short people". "They" is anyone over 5'2".

According to the High Primal, today's automobiles are a classic example of the short shrift given to short people. She will angrily point out the evolution of the gear shift in automobiles. In no uncertain terms she claims that short people are more comfortable driving an automobile with the shift lever on the steering wheel rather than on the floor. If this Low Primal could find such a vehicle in operating condition I'm sure he would be elevated to the status of a High Primal In Training. If he found a vehicle with a gear shift on the wheel and a bench seat not only would he join the ranks of High Primals, he would be revered as a God.

Of course all the pedals on the the floor of an automobile were purposely laid out to be out of reach from the legs of a short person. Why else would a short High Primal find it necessary to mount her rear end on a thick cushion and push the seat forward so that she is practically sitting on the hood of the car. Not even a bench seat would compensate for this gross failure of car design. How many times has the High Primal let it it be known that Detroit not only doesn't give a shit about the comfort of short drivers, they just plain do not give a Fuck.

That brings me back to where I started. I would add however, that not all short people are intimidated by today's automobiles. I daresay that only the high primal type who are prone to being Luddites find it comforting to bad mouth every new technological achievement in automobile design.

( The High Primal just read this and has given it her blessing. If I publish this post, I will have confirmed that I'm a Low Primal. Oh what the hell, Click!)


Merdi Di Cane

The execution of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill appears to be a hate crime. The history of this great country is tarnished with hate crimes. Some Americans cannot tolerate anyone who is different than they are. The Micks, Wops, Japs and Niggers of this country have suffered because of the bigotry inbred in some so called Americans. My mother referred to these Americans as "merdi di cane", Perhaps she was too kind.


Football Rules In Ohio

The Plain Dealer which publishes daily but delivers only four times a week, arrived for its second delivery of the week this Wednesday morning. Looking at the front page of the local rag I got the impression that the PD editors felt that only news worth printing was football news. Seventy-five per cent of the front page was devoted to Ohio State becoming National Football Champions and the Cleveland Browns renovating their stadium to make it more spectator friendly. I'm glad I paid special attention to the news on the Internet and TV this week. Coverage of the massacres being committed by deranged terrorists sucks hind tit as far as the Ohio media in these parts is concerned. Football rules! I swear if football were to be abolished as a sport, the State of Ohio would secede from the Union. I write this with the full knowledge that I have put myself at risk should this post come to the attention of an OSU fan. Actually there is little risk since reading is involved.


Anno Nuovo

Yes it is a new year. 2015 hopefully will see me become a nonagenarian. Now that I think about it, nonagenarian sounds a little negative. Be that as it may (had to get that cliche in), I'll take it if it is offered to me.

Anno nuovo (the new year) is not all about aging. It is also about the return of good TV and I'm not talking about football playoffs. Tonight at 9PM, "Downton Abbey" returns for its fifth season. The Lord be praised, Sunday TV, thanks to PBS will be entertaining again.

Play ball! Of course Anno Nuovo will also usher in my favorite sport, baseball. I predict that the Cleveland Indians will make it to the Series and take it all ( only an octogenarian on his way to becoming a nonagenarian would dare make such a prediction - some would call it a sign of dementia).

Not to be sneezed at (another cliche - 2015 must be the Year of The Cliche), this year we will be privileged to see the greatest show on earth. The race for the White House starts in earnest and will challenge Downton Abbey for must see TV entertainment.

The down side of 2015 comes tomorrow. Republicans take over control of the Senate as well as the House. The only thing they seem to have on their agenda is to make sure that the last two years of the Obama presidency are a disaster, no matter how miserable it makes the ninety-nine per centers. The light at the end of the tunnel is that Obama will toss politics aside, put on his gloves ( lets hear it for cliches) and make his last two years full of presidential initiatives designed to restore this country to the ninety-nine per centers. Yes he can!

Along with an Anno Nouvo there always is an Anno Vecchio. The past Anno Vecchio, 2014, has lessons for 2015. 2014 saw the most serious flaw in our great democracy raise its ugly head. Racism is alive but not well. Along with the cancer of racism, the militaristic posture of our police forces made its debut. If 2015 can see more progress in making the words "all men are created equal" accepted by all, it will indeed be a  good year. If we can stop the march towards a militaristic and gun toting society it will be a very good year.