About Politicians

During the course of Campaign 2016, much has been made about Senor Trump - sorry, its Mr. Trump (he ain't no Mexican)- not being a politician. Supposedly this garners him the support of those disgusted with the political process. It also provides Mr. Trump with an excuse to to come up with one outrageous rant after another. The latter is also justified by his handlers as his disdain of being politically correct. As CNN would have it, there is breaking news on this subject. Mr. Trump is a politician! He became a politician the day he announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President. As for not being politically correct, he is guilty as charged. He certainly qualifies as one who does not avoid language that might offend anyone, especially with respect to gender, race or ethnic background. In other words he is a politician who could care less about his fellow Americans. There are good politicians and bad politicians. Unfortunately some bad politicians aspire to be President of the United States. 


One For The Birds

If one is fortunate enough to join the ranks of nonagenarians and still possesses his mental faculties as well as physical prowess (although limited), he feels entitled to enjoy certain harmless hobbies. Years ago this nonagenarian became a fan of bird feeders. Tony's Finch Diner has been the target of a number of posts (see Birds, Finch Diner labels) over the years. It is now time to once again update the status of Tony's Finch Diner.

Tony's Finch Diner is again on the verge of bankruptcy. If there are any finches left in this world they have found better feeding grounds. St. Francis who is the greeter for Tony's diner has been in tears.  Where have all the finch gone? The last time I asked this question was 07/03/2012. At the time I blamed my diner problems on Romney. Holy cow! It was during campaign 2012. Could it be that finches stay away during the circus we call selecting Presidential candidates? Our political climate scares the hell out of me - why not the finch. There is also a rumor going around that Trump has built some kind of a wall to keep finches out of the USA. I doubt that. The last finch chirp I heard did not sound Mexican. Even an ass like Trump knows that birds fly over walls. Another rumor is that the Bernie Sanders' bombastic rhetoric is just too much -  even for a bird. By the way there is no truth to the rumor that the Clinton Foundation has offered to bail me out.

I doubt that there is a  connection between presidential campaigns and Tony's Finch Diner problems. After all, so far Campaign 2016 has been for the birds.


No Time For A Revolution

As far as I'm concerned, Bernie Sanders is no longer a viable presidential  candidate. His campaign has boiled down,at least in my opinion, to a greedy power struggle no matter the cost to the future of this country. Nothing short of a revolution would see his solutions to the issues implemented. This country was born from a revolution and has evolved through hard work in legislative halls into a super power. One birth is enough. There is much about Bernie Sanders position on issues that I like. His strategy in the closing months of the primaries however is the strategy of an egotist - not a statesman. I'm not enamored with Hillary Clinton but comared to The Donald she is a winner. It is time that Sanders comes to the same conclusion.


A Stink To Rival The Cicadas

In about two weeks the Cleveland area will be subjected to the deafening sound of the 17-year cicada. According to the latest reports the nuisance will be gone by the time of the RNC convention in July. All that will remain will be lots of dead bugs and and the stink of shells. I firmly believe that these reports are a bit premature. The 17-year cicada may be gone by July but another loud, obnoxious creature which goes by the name of Trump will invade Cleveland in July. After a few days of screaming and roaring it will be gone and only a stink will be left behind. If only we could build a wall.


May God Have Mercy On Us

One of the lessons of Campaign 2016 may very well be that it is time for change. Not the change that the Democrats and the Republicans talk about which is political garbage but the change that disillusioned voters have inferred by their support of a demagogue like Trump and the Don Quixote like Bernie Sanders. The country needs a new political party which can challenge the stodgy Democrats and Republicans without resorting to misguided showmanship. Bernie Sanders' campaign demonstrates that we are ripe for political change. It will not happen without pain. Unfortunately that pain may very well be a President Trump. May God have mercy on us.