Technological Advances Must Respect The Environment

GE has announced that they will phase out the production of CFL bulbs by the end of the year. The heir to household illumination will be LED bulbs. Other manufacturers are sure to follow. Applause! We will now have access to even more energy efficient light bulbs. Before we get carried away with a standing ovation, let us remember what the demise of CFL will mean in terms pollution. These gadgets rely on mercury to do their job. One just does not throw in the trash barrel once their usefulness has ended. Home Depot will accept them for recycling but I wonder what will happen when more and more CFL's are disposed of.

It would be worthy of a standing ovation if along with ceasing production of CFL's, corporations would also announce a program to make sure that the mercury in CFL's does not make our fragile environment even more fragile.

Advancement in technology is great as long as being responsive to the dangers these advancements may pose is part of the progress.


Campaign 2016 a.k.a Apocalypse 2016

Apparently there is a campaign going on for the nomination of presidential candidates for the lofty office of President of the United States. As far as I'm concerned, this is the first time in my voting history that I feel disenfranchised. There is not a candidate in either major party that excites me as the person to tackle the problems facing this democracy. One of the lightweights still in the race will end up as President.

My tenure on this earth is measured in months and optimistically in  years, so the impact of the November, 2016 results will be minimal.My heart goes out to those with a longer life span who must endure the likes of a Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Clinton, or Sanders.

When we start considering who is the best of a poor field we should also prepare ourselves for the decline of the United States of America. AS I indicated previously, it is not really my problem. I pity my heirs.


We have nothing to fear but -------

FDR said that "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". There are two variations which can well apply to current events.

Concerning the war against terrorism , we have nothing to fear but the extremism of religions. The posturing taken in the name of God or Allah promises to guarantee us a long costly war with no end in sight.

The rhetoric being spewed out by the GOP presidential wannabees makes me shudder. One cannot help but feel that we have nothing to fear but the possibility that a Trump or Carson could set foot in the White House as a resident. Concerning Trump, I wonder if he is a fan of Benito Mussolini?

In the end, if one is to maintain any degree of sanity, he has no choice but to embrace FDR's admonition. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. To do otherwise only encourages the extremists.


About The Iran Nuclear Deal

The Obama administration has finally negotiated  a deal to limit Iran's nuclear capability. Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to denounce it as a historic mistake. A bushel full of Republican presidential hopefuls have started to parrot his warnings. We will have to endure 60 days of militaristic posturing by our conservative politicians in Congress. So be it. In the end the deal will be implemented and we have a chance of stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

As a byproduct, the deal  will unfetter us from the control of our Mideast relations by Israel. Israel is universally believed to posses nuclear arms. Personally I am no more comfortable with this than I am with North Korea or Iran possessing nuclear arms. At best, Israel's views on nuclear capabilities are hypocritical.

 Bravo Obama. Bravo Kerry. Thank you for giving diplomacy a nod over bombs.

(By the way, the price of gasoline should plummet. I wonder how our neo-cons will handle that.)


Hypocrisy At Work

Take down the flag- the Confederate flag. Its about time that this symbol of racism is eradicated. Why however, have the cries for doing away with emblems of racism and discrimination which exist in the world of sports gone unheeded.  The Washington Redskins will take the field this Fall and the Cleveland Indians will continue to sport Chief Wahoo (who returns the favor by cursing their play).  Redskins belong in the same category as the N word and Chief Wahoo is as insulting as Black Sambo. All the arguments made for banishing the Confederate flag can also be made for getting rid of the Redskins name as well as Chief Wahoo. Concerning the latter, just how appropriate is it to refer to a baseball team as Indians? Native Americans deserve as much respect as any hyphenated American - African,Irish, Asian Italian etc. If the Confederate flag comes down and the Washington Redskins and Chief Wahoo continue to thrive it will only demonstrate our hypocrisy at work.