Go Obama! Go!

Not having to face a re-election campaign can do wonders for a sitting President's approval rating and  legacy. Obama has been on a tear issuing executive orders and taking positions all designed to benefit those in need of a champion - the Mr. and Mrs. John Does. He has proven once and for all that he has calgione . Shining example, he now advocates the elimination of the forced leasing of cable boxes. This ripoff by cable companies costs the consumer over $200 per year. For what? An antiquated piece of electronics. One has only to look at the history of the telephone to appreciate what the end of leasing can mean for cable boxes.

Enough about cable boxes. The purpose of this post is to put forth a proposal that the term for POTUS be limited to one term only for six years. Not faced with months of political maneuvering a President could concentrate on governing. At least it would get us closer to the benefits of a parliamentary  form of government.

Obama has eight months left to work on his legacy. I have the felling that at long last we have the President we thought we elected in 2008. Bravo Obama!


Time For Freedom From Relgion

We look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms. The first is freedom of speech and expression--everywhere in the world. The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way-- everywhere in the world. The third is freedom from want . . . everywhere in the world. The fourth is freedom from fear . . . anywhere in the world.--President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Message to Congress, January 6, 1941

So spoke FDR seventy-five years ago. We have accepted these essential freedoms up until recently. Now a fifth freedom has become a popular buzz word in some parts of this country. Apparently the holier than thou citizens of some states  like Mississippi and North Carolina have taken it upon themselves to blatantly discriminate against the LGBT community. Of course they have had a lot of practice in denying civil rights to anyone that is "different".

Before this fifth freedom gains more steam, I propose that we start a movement for the adoption of yet another freedom. It is essential that the freedom from religion be made part of the fabric of The United States of America. One should worship whatever God or idol one pleases but do it in a church, temple or mosque - not in a legislative chamber. The separation of church and state must be preserved if this nation is to reap the benefits of the Bill of Rights.


What you sow, you shall reap

The holier than thou conservative Republicans are in a state of turmoil and the Democrats have had nothing to do with the chaos. Lets give thanks to Donald "Il Duce" Trump. The obstructionist and racist politics of the past seven years have come to roost and the evangelistic base of the GOP is raising its arms toward the heavens and wailing,"What you sow ,you shall reap". Obama must be gloating all the way to a respectable legacy.


Is there a rebate for watching a GOP debate!?

I watched most of Thursday's GOP debate before I finally gave in to some common sense and went to bed. After listening to almost two hours of trash talk and uncivil behavior I had to turn off the TV before a hurled a chair at it. These so called debates, are character assassination events. Can you top this slam is the name of the game. The candidate who succeeds in insulting the clear thinking voters wins the debate. As for me, I plan to ask CNN for a rebate to compensate me for the nightmares their debate caused. May God have mercy on us no matter who emerges as the nominee.


Technological Advances Must Respect The Environment

GE has announced that they will phase out the production of CFL bulbs by the end of the year. The heir to household illumination will be LED bulbs. Other manufacturers are sure to follow. Applause! We will now have access to even more energy efficient light bulbs. Before we get carried away with a standing ovation, let us remember what the demise of CFL will mean in terms pollution. These gadgets rely on mercury to do their job. One just does not throw in the trash barrel once their usefulness has ended. Home Depot will accept them for recycling but I wonder what will happen when more and more CFL's are disposed of.

It would be worthy of a standing ovation if along with ceasing production of CFL's, corporations would also announce a program to make sure that the mercury in CFL's does not make our fragile environment even more fragile.

Advancement in technology is great as long as being responsive to the dangers these advancements may pose is part of the progress.