People have no idea what the Democrats stand for???

On Meet The Press, Sunday Oct.10, Joe Klein commented, "People think-they know what the Republicans stand for, lower taxes, less government, less regulation, they have no idea what the Democrats stand for, except for these big pieces of legislation that we've seen which inevitably contain ridiculous provisions". Can the mess that the Democrats are in concerning the midterm elections be explained away that easily? Not really. Actually I feel that people do know what the Democrat Party is all about. It's doing right by all people! Therein lies the rub. To do right for all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or wealth costs money which a growing number of voters are unwilling to part with. In these economic times greed takes over as well as denial. To do right by all people, calls for compromise, which leads to less than perfect legislation. The Democrats do try to do right by all people. The Republicans dismiss the effort with their big government bogey man rhetoric. The rude awakening will come when the Republican Party marches into 2013 with the presidency in its pocket, only to prove once more that it does not have a clue as to what ails this country.
- I'm Tony Rugare, and I approve this message.
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