Vote Early Vote Often Stimulus

From all reports, the Democrats are faced with the real possibility that many of their 2008 supporters will not go to the polls ( I'm not going - The USPS is handling my vote) in this year's midterm elections. Unless it rains on November 2, Republicans will make the strenuous trek to the polls to vote against almost anyone who is dedicated to progress. Whats the rain got to do with it? Nothing, just musing about the days when the Republican party was dominated by farmers - farmers stay home when it rains, or so the high primal has informed me. Rain not withstanding, with less than four weeks to go it looks pretty bleak for the Democrats.

I propose that while the Democrats have a majority in Congress, they fight like hell to pass a new stimulus package - VEVO (vote early, vote often ) in preparation for the 2012 elections. The stimulus will stimulate voting simply by sending an Iphone   to all registered voters. The ingenious part of this is that the phone would come with a voting App. Just think, young voters would vote all day long and never get off their ass. A special App for Seniors would register a whine with every vote they cast in between their Viagra sessions. Election outcomes would be determined by those smart enough to use a smart phone. Wait, that might be a problem for the Democrats.

The challenge presented by using an Iphone to vote might prove disastrous for the Democrats. Anyone who is stupid enough to sit out elections is probably too stupid to use a smart phone. The Dems are stuck with sending out all kinds of e-mail, encouraging everyone to " vote early, vote often" any way they can, even if it means going to the can. Speaking of the can, its time to take a break.

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