Damn Twins!

Damn Twins! Again the Twins cow tow to the Yankees in the playoffs. With Tampa Bay about to blow their series with the Rangers, it puts me in the uncomfortable position of having to root for the Yankees against the Rangers. I haven’t rooted for the Yankees since 1970. Why not root for the Rangers? Have you seen their fans with their phony cheers and ridiculous ten gallon hats decked out with antlers ( why antlers)? The Yankees are the lesser of two evils but not by much. Looks like I‘ll be rooting for a National League team in the World Series. Go Reds!

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Charles Leck said...

Tony... I'll just switch over to football now... it will take weeks to get over my misery about this awful Twins' collapse. Saints lost yesterday and that's good. Packers lost and that's great! C.