Downton Abbey Season 5

Downton Abbey Season 5 concluded last night. I'm disappointed. Not because the season is over but because indications are that there will be a Season 6. My objection to a Season 6 - it will transition into the likes of a daytime soap opera. I'm afraid that the past success of Downton Abbey has made its writers slowly fall in love with soapy, trite plots. Sometimes success breeds contempt for good judgment.

My predictions for Season 5 were:

Nazi Germany will be worked in as well as the affairs of the Prince of Wales. Tom the Mick will become an important politician. Lady Mary will bed Tony Gillingham but will marry the pig expert. Mrs. Crawley will become a Lady. Carson will retire and take Mrs. Hughes with him. Downton Abbey will suffer a fatal blow when the world financial markets take a dive. There will be no Season 6.

After Season 5, this reviewer will resort to watching movie reruns during the cold months of January and February instead of British soap operas. At least I can predict the plot (don't bet on it).

I came close on Mrs. Crawley. I came very close on Carson and Mrs. Hughes. As for the last prediction, I have a whole year to decide whether or not I want to commit to watching Season 6. Other than that, my predictions smelled to high heaven.

Fortunately my Sunday night TV viewing will be salvaged not only with movie reruns but by the return of Cleveland Indians baseball. Prediction? The Indians will return for another season in 2016. Chief Wahoo will not.

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