About Presidential Term Limits

The past six years have proven that the rhetoric used to win a Presidential election should not be taken too seriously. Remember "Yes we can"? Translation: We can change the way government works - just elect me. Of course the candidate had no intention of turning Washington upside down. His priority was to get elected. Once elected, his tune would become: Maybe we can, but later.

Why later? Becoming President is an ego trip. Once elected, it becomes mandatory that the successful candidate starts running for a second term. In order to do so ,the President's omnipotent advisers convince him to put his campaign promises on hold. "Yes we can" now translates into:  Don't rock the boat. The net result is four years of procrastination in implementing programs that got the individual elected in the first place.

Once he or she gets the coveted second term, one would expect immediate attention to governing the country. After all, the electorate gave the President four more years to do what should have been done in the previous four years. Four more years? Not so fast there are the midterm elections to be considered. Now is not the time to anger the Legislative branch. The net result is two more years of of a government devoted strictly to political maneuvering  rather than trying to implement social and economic reform.

Finally,with the midterm elections over and comfortable with the reality that there are no future elections for the sitting President to  reckon with, it is time to get things done. Translation: The hell with politics. Two years to work on my legacy - yes we can. Two years to get done what should have been done in the previous six.

I can only wonder whether or not it is time to consider a change in the term for the office of President. Six years with reelection off the board may be the way to go. The individual now has three years to learn what powers he or she has and three years to work his or her ass off implementing what got him or her elected in the first place. Absurd? Unrealistic perhaps but not absurd.

 Of course it would take decades to implement term limit changes. Fearing a negative effect when he or she seeks reelection, it is problematic that anyone would take the initiative.  In the meantime, invoking an old cliche, the people will be left to suck hind tit. Yes they will!

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