About Short People And Automobiles

At an inflated 5'2", the High Primal considers herself part of a downtrodden segment of our society known as short people. In this household her feelings about being short leave nothing to the imagination. A countless number of times she has made it clear that " they don't give a Fuck about short people". "They" is anyone over 5'2".

According to the High Primal, today's automobiles are a classic example of the short shrift given to short people. She will angrily point out the evolution of the gear shift in automobiles. In no uncertain terms she claims that short people are more comfortable driving an automobile with the shift lever on the steering wheel rather than on the floor. If this Low Primal could find such a vehicle in operating condition I'm sure he would be elevated to the status of a High Primal In Training. If he found a vehicle with a gear shift on the wheel and a bench seat not only would he join the ranks of High Primals, he would be revered as a God.

Of course all the pedals on the the floor of an automobile were purposely laid out to be out of reach from the legs of a short person. Why else would a short High Primal find it necessary to mount her rear end on a thick cushion and push the seat forward so that she is practically sitting on the hood of the car. Not even a bench seat would compensate for this gross failure of car design. How many times has the High Primal let it it be known that Detroit not only doesn't give a shit about the comfort of short drivers, they just plain do not give a Fuck.

That brings me back to where I started. I would add however, that not all short people are intimidated by today's automobiles. I daresay that only the high primal type who are prone to being Luddites find it comforting to bad mouth every new technological achievement in automobile design.

( The High Primal just read this and has given it her blessing. If I publish this post, I will have confirmed that I'm a Low Primal. Oh what the hell, Click!)

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