Declining Old Age

A lifetime of struggles to reach old age is in jeopardy. I understand that there is something called "declining old age". If that is true, I'm one confused old codger. I have always interpreted "declining" as becoming smaller or decreasing. Does that mean that my hard earned old age is going to fade away? I may be wrong but that sounds a lot like leaving this planet and joining the choir silent. If so, I'm not ready and respectfully decline the offer.

Perhaps "declining old age" simply is a marketing ploy for selling anti-aging lotions. If so, I'm not buying. Accepting old age is a lot cheaper.

One might wonder where I got the idea that something called "declining old age exists"? Damn if I know. I recall reading about it but I can't remember where. Could it be that declining old age has caught up with me?


Erin O'Brien said...

Maybe it said "reclining old age" and you're just supposed to have a little more time in the LazyBoy today.

Tony Rugare said...

Sounds good to me.