Tony's Finch Diner Under New Management

Tony's Finch Diner (est.1995) has survived terrorists masked as racoons, Bush's Great Recession, the pettiness of a F--king Homeowners Association, corporate raiders and threats from La Mano Nero. Business has never been better. Lately it has been so good that brawls have broken out as the birds circled for a perch. Of course brawling birds is a no-no. The last thing Tony wants is for the F--king
Welcome to Tony's Finch Diner
Home Owners Association to file a bird nuisance complaint with the Police. Sparing no expense, Tony has hired a Maitre-de. St. Francis of Assisi has come out from retirement to take charge of Tony's Finch Diner.  He has been on the job for two days and there has been nary a brawl. Correction! One rogue finch, denied a perch,  did mount a protest movement and shit on the Maitre-de's head. St. Francis didn't flinch and was heard chanting: "It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. Where there is injury let me sow pardon". True to his words St. Francis escorted the rogue bird to a top perch mumbling: "Shit happens".

By the way there is no truth to the rumor that Pope Francis was so pissed about St. Francis coming out of retirement that he plans to send him to sainthood limbo.

( Haven't seen a Purple Finch dining at the feeder in quite awhile. Saw one today. St. Francis is earning his keep.)

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