Old codgers never learn. They just play the age card. In the case of this old codger, he has been reading Facebook comments and text messages and just assumed that the attachment of "lol" was an expression of affection. The fact that "reading this and lol" did not properly translate into "reading this and lots of love" was perplexing but did not jar me into seeking a more proper interpretation of this twenty first century jargon. Just another example of slovenly "speak" among the younger generation. Trying to understand the Millennials (whoever came up with that moniker was definitely high at the time) is too formidable a task for a member of the greatest generation. Besides, if one watches enough videos, all mysteries are effortlessly cleared up. That was the case with "lol". An episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" made it clear that "lol" translated into "laughing out loud". Now that makes sense if you are reading this and laughing out loud. If not, perhaps, like me, you just "dgaf "