Fountain of Youth In A Bottle

As many times as I have been around the High Primal’s toilette collection, I failed to notice one particular Jergens lotion dispenser. Holy Cow! She had purchased the fountain of youth in a bottle. The fountain of youth eluded Ponce de Leon but not the shelves of Wal-Mart.

 Make no mistake about it, the label plainly proclaimed the lotion as “age defying”. Age defying to me means that the aging process is held in check. I wonder how long she has been caressing her body with this age defying lotion? Can’t be very long. She’s an attractive woman and doesn't look a day over seventy but the aging process is definitely there.

A glance at the fine print on the dispenser answered my question. The damn lotion only helps to turn back the clock on the signs of aging. The stuff wasn't even around when the High Primal and I first noticed those signs of aging - that first grey hair, a loose tooth, a need for glasses, short term memory decline - on and on.

So what is an age defying lotion doing in our house? If I were forty years younger I might come up with a reasonable answer. In the meantime, “hope springs eternal” will have to do.

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