Cease Fire!

I understand that there is a war against the rich. I'm not really sure who is waging this war. It can't be the United States. I heard last night right from the horse's , excuse me - the President's mouth, that we were getting out of the war business. He went on to say that diplomacy must be given a chance before we unleash our military might. So who is waging this war against the rich? My money (what's left of it) is on the media. TV pundits like wars. More accurately, they like to talk about wars. A war against the rich is just made for TV. It will go on and on, longer than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Like most wars these days, the war against the rich cannot be won. There will be enormous casualties, mostly among the poor. After all, the rich have all the money-money talks and money buys all sorts of ammunition with which to keep the 'have nots' in their place. Instead of a war against the rich, I suggest a war against Congress. Lets wake up this slumbering bunch of would be legislators. Hell, maybe we can get them to allocate some funds to promote a  social infrastructure which will make the road to riches smoother for all. No one is going to be interested in fighting a war if they really feel that they have a chance to live the American Dream rather than the American Nightmare. Oh well, I can dream can't I? One thing for sure, lets call a cease fire on that war against the rich and opt for some diplomatic solution before we end up with an "American Spring".

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