Nice guys always finish last

The High Primal and I are often greeted at a  check out counter with " how are you guys". You guys? The last time I looked, the High Primal was a gal -a doll in fact. What's with the "you guys" bit? Perhaps the younger generation knows something I don't ( a survey, I'm sure, would result in an overwhelming "Yes"). In the hopes that indeed my disdain for this salutation is not misplaced, I consulted that wizard for all ages, Google. The oracle confirmed that guy is a noun, the plural of which is "guys'So far so good. A guy is a man. Bingo- the High Primal is not a guy. Synonyms of guy - man, fellow, gentleman. Two out of three in my case is not bad as far as I'm concerned. Guess which one does not apply? So what should the response be to the hip cashier? Any gentlemen would respond with "Fine, thank you". I'll try that next time. Then I'll be a guy on all counts.

I realize that this post comes under the category of  "much ado about nothing" and I could well be accused of being a wise guy. Be that as it may, I would rather be a wise guy than a nice guy. Nice guys always finish last.

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