Shame on The Plain Dealer

The Cleveland Plain Dealer finally dropped the other shoe and announced today that it will deliver papers only three times per week, but it will print every day. This rip off of subscribers will take place this summer. As a subscriber for home delivery, I will be given the privilege of accessing cleveland.com to read the paper on  non-delivery days. cleveland .com is one of the worst web sites I have encountered. Just when things are looking up for Cleveland, The Plain Dealer is reminding all that Cleveland's glory days are not destined to return. Of course, The Plain Dealer sees it as an opportunity for innovation. They can start by coming into the twenty-first century themselves and design a web site worthy of being called an e-paper. Lost in all this is the fate of the independent contractors who deliver the paper. I wonder how many will continue to do so. How long will the three times per week delivery be viable? Can't wait for an entrepreneur to give The Plain Dealer some competition.

I've gotten used to reading my news on the computer. The High Primal has not. HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE ARE IN THE SAME BOAT. SHAME ON THE PLAIN DEALER.

Come this summer the paper will be delivered three times a week ( if I continue to subscribe) and the mail will be delivered five times a week. What a way to run a railroad.

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John Kroll said...


Thanks for being a loyal subscriber! We do know that some readers, those used to the print Plain Dealer, find the differences with cleveland.com hard to navigate. But as a subscriber, you'll be able to access our content in a way that's much more like the print edition. To see what that looks like, go here and click on the "DEMO" link: http://plaindealer.oh.newsmemory.com/

John Kroll
Online Editor
The Plain Dealer