Apologies To The Plain Dealer

Yesterday's post, "Shame On The Plain Dealer" went too far in criticizing The Plain Dealer's plans for curtailed home delivery. What I didn't learn from the early releases of the announcement is that their plans also include an E-Edition which lets you navigate a replica of the printed newspaper. As I understand it, you can flip through pages and skim headlines just as you would with the printed newspaper in your hands. Articles, photos, games and comics can be viewed with the click of a button. Cleveland.com and the E-Edition are separate entities.

If this is like the New York Times e-edition the change will be palatable. Still if one is not computer literate they are screwed. At best, The Plain dealer is joining the forces that say don't worry about today's seniors, they won't be around very long. Our business plan should focus on tomorrow's seniors who were brought up with an I - phone or Android as a pacifier.

Thanks to John Kroll, On Line Editor of The Plain Dealer, for setting me straight on the E-Edition.


Charles Leck said...

Our Minneapolis StarTribune has an e-edition like the one you describe. I subscribe at a fee I consider fair. It works quite well, though sometimes I'd like to roll the paper under my arm and head out the door with it. It's not the same carrying my iPad along. Times have changed. Here, volunteers are going into nursing homes and senior centers teaching folks how to use the computers that are available there. Thanks for the piece.

Sarah Keller said...

It's funny, just yesterday I was telling Angelo how much I missed having a newspaper to read. There is just something about the smell of newsprint and the stained fingertips.