No paper this morning, it's only Friday

Now and then I like to write about things which have a special place in my memory. It looks like I may be doing some reminiscing about 7-day-a-week local newspapers. WKYC- Cleveland reports that rumors are circulating that The Plain Dealer is contemplating a possible change to a 3-day-a-week print edition and continuous website similar to what has already taken place in papers in Alabama, Michigan, New Orleans, Harrisburg and Syracuse. WKYC reports that if The Plain Dealer goes to that type of business model that would make Cleveland the largest U.S. city with no daily paper.

In response to these rumors, there will be the usual billboards, bus placards, petitions and community pleas to convince the decision makers that Cleveland deserves a 7-day-a-week local newspaper. I can just see the CEO of Advance Publications, The Plain Dealer’s parent company, smugly saying that he agrees but the bottom line doesn’t.

Local 1 of the Newspaper Guild wants the community to get involved to save the newspaper. In the face of adversity a community should get involved. In this case all they have to do is subscribe to the paper. They don’t have to read it. They can still get all the news they want from their I-phone, I-pad or any other electronic device they have. Subscribing however, costs money. Most people will opt for signing petitions  while continuing to get their news from the internet or some comedy show.

I predict that in lieu of national recognition for a sports team, Cleveland will opt to become the largest U.S. city with no daily paper. Heck, everyone will be talking about Cleveland.

What about that business model of a 3-day a week newspaper and a continuous website? First the website. Just go to www.cleveland.com and you will never go there again. A paper only 3 days a week? If I can’t have it 7 days a week , they can wipe their ass with it. What do you hear about The New York Times?

I remember when a newspaper was delivered to my doorstep 7 days a week and……… I’m being premature. I shouldn’t reminisce based on rumors. I probably should look around for a smart phone. Let’s see, Apple, Motorola or Samsung? Can you have a leisurely breakfast and use a smart phone at the same time? The classifieds should be able to help. Damn it - where’s The Plain Dealer when I need it.

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