Restoring Order

My blog has absolutely no effect on restoring order to the world. In spite of my ranting and raving, the NRA still rules this country, Obama's liberalism has yet to flower, war is still a way of life  - or should I say a bloody instrument of population control and  last but by no means least, Chief Wahoo is still held hostage by the Cleveland Indians. I don't feel bad, not even disappointed. I never really set out to change the world. Hell, these days I have enough trouble changing myself.

 Over the weekend I discovered that I'm still capable of restoring order to something - my garage. It was hard work but the results were great. The junk is piled up for disposal, the outdoor furniture is outdoors, the Weber is ready to be fired up and  everything else is where it belongs including the car.

In spite of the crap I read on today's front page, I'm at peace with my surroundings. Oh yes, I'm still getting home delivery of the local rag but I'm betting the ranch that in spite of their claims to continue home delivery three times a week, by the end of the year there will be no paper by the garage door. I guess that would be in keeping with the emphasis on going green. Everyone wants me to go paperless including the newspaper publisher. I haven't heard from Charmin yet.

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