The Civility Cliff

I believe that somewhere in the Constitution of The United States of America, there is an Article which decrees that no legislation shall be acted upon unless it has a cute name or better yet its name qualifies as a cliché. Case in point (a cliché here is mandatory), we started off the New Year by seeing our brave legislators coming to our rescue to keep us from falling over the “fiscal cliff” (we have Bernanke to thank for that cutie). They almost turned their back on us but at the last minute decided to toss us a bone. While we chew on that bone they will be farting around with another little problem - the abuse of guns in our society. Gun control legislation has little chance of going anywhere even though "Sheriff" Biden will do his best to shake things up. It's stymied because so far, no “Bernanke” has come forward with a cute name for gun control. Until that happens there will be no urgency to stop the massacres which are now commonplace.

 If indeed the Constitution demands cute names in order to get Congress off its ass,  I sugest that the name “civility cliff” be applied to the gun control debate. Falling off a cliff has proven to scare the shit out of the country; maybe it will work with gun control. Massacres sure don’t.

On second thought, "civility cliff" is not a good choice to steer up gun control action. It's too little, too late: we've already gone off  the "civility cliff". Gun control action will have to stand on its own two feet and that's a tall order. Personally, I think "Sheriff" Biden is up to it.

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