Only The Shadow Knows

Lets see, I haven’t published since 12/22. Today is 12/31. My, my, 8 days without a post. I’m feeling well, so illness is no excuse. In fact, I have no excuses. The motivation for blogging , just hasn't been there. So why am I posting this tome? I just couldn’t let my last post of the year be about a nightmare and worse yet, in the form of a poem.

I almost fell into the trap of moaning about the troubles of the past year and then predicting what 2013 holds in store for us. Been there, done that. What’s past is past. If we learned something, hooray. If we didn't, shame, shame, shame.  What’s coming , will come.

I for one will control what I can control. As for those events which I can't control, maintaining a sense of humor should get me by as well as an occasional blog post.


ed note: Ran a Blogger spell check before publishing this post. "BUON CAPODANNO" got highlighted as I expected but I wasn't prepared for the furious flashing of the highlight.  It seemed like Blogger was trying to tell me something. Scary - was it an omen? What evil lurks in 2013? Only "The Shadow" knows and he's not telling.

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