It's Saturday- got a paper

I got up earlier than usual this morning. I tossed and turned all night, wondering if The Plain Dealer  ran off the presses during the night. Even before I made the coffee, I stumbled to the garage, hit the door opener, drew a deep breath and prayed that a paper would greet me by the door. Crap! No paper! Just a bunch of wet leaves. The SOB's must have gone to their 3-day a week schedule. I was about to retreat to the warmth of the house when I decided to venture further down the driveway. What was that white object peaking through the leaves, 20 yards into the wet lawn?  I slogged over and sure enough, The Plain Dealer had made it to the vicinity of my home. If this was to be my carrier's new delivery mode, a 3-day a week delivery might not be too bad.

ed note: Finished reading the shrinking wet, hard copy of the newspaper before I finished my first cup of coffee. Got to my computer and spent the next half hour reading all the news that's fit to print. That story about the horny spy was great.

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