Thanks Clint!

Chair available
We should all be thankful for Clint Eastwood's appearance at the podium last Thursday night. By speaking to an empty chair he demonstrated the proper role for esteemed actors of both parties in today's politics -- please give us your money, get your sleep during prime time and leave the politicking to the politicos who know how to handle bull shit (very carefully).

 Actually, I can relate to someone over 80 speaking to an empty chair. It's a lot like my blogging. I'm sure the Cleveland Indians also can also relate to Eastwood's gimmick. They play baseball in a stadium full of empty seats and get the same results.

Thanks Clint. Hopefully George Clooney and Morgan Freeman were watching your performance and will keep away from Charlotte. No matter the bad press, I love your movies, especially those where you talk to your horse and that's no horse shit.

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