A sure bet to clinch last place

The tightest race in the American League is between the Indians and the Twins for last place in the Central Division. Only 1.5 games separate these wannabe baseball teams. It should be a neck and neck race for the next 30 games but I have a feeling that the Indians will outsmart the Twins. Rumor has it that Manny Acta has suspended batting practise for the remainder of the season hoping this will motivate his players to relax more during a game. This should result in more strike outs. It's a desperate move but the stakes are high. No one can accuse the Indians of mediocrity - they are doing their best to be the worst team in baseball. Go Tribe!

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Charles Leck said...

I want to laugh at this, but, in fact, I really want to cry. An all-out fight for last place. I'm betting on the Twins -- pitching always wins!