Prophets For Profit

It seems to me that  much of the viciousness in the name of God is caused by those who would make a profit from a prophet, whether they be Christians, Jews or Muslims. It's too bad that during the era when prophets uttered their sacred word there were not tape recorders or better yet 'You Tube' to record and preserve the true word. Lacking an unbiased source of the the sacred words, we are left with what someone thinks they heard and worse yet with someones interpretation of what someone thinks he heard. Too often the objectives of these 'someones' or  teachers is political, monetary or all of the above but rarely spiritual. The masses being what they are - gullible and in need of believing in an after life far more comfortable than this one - can be molded into  snarling beasts, all in the name of God. War, Crusades, Jihad, massacres, murders, ethnic cleansing all in the name of God. God damn them!

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Charles Leck said...

By their love ye shall know the servants of God.