God Is Not A Politician

Much ado has been made about the platforms of both the Republican and Democratic parties. Platforms are meant to stand on but it looks like the platforms built in Tampa and Charlotte are a bit fragile and the standard bearer of both parties will be best served by finding another route to the White House.

There's no way in hell that any president is going to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel. I doubt that even the Jews expect that to happen. I'm willing to bet that even God cringes at the thought that Jerusalem is the sole property of the Jews. God? The platforms also messed around with God. One would think that a platform can't be built unless the carpenter is a deity.

It is interesting to note that the Democratic Party is going to finish a formidable task that God started. It concerns you and me. It seems that God imbued us with a potential. What that potential is, varies. Evidentally the Almighty did not imbue us with a way of achieving that potential. The Democrats however,  will fix that by promoting programs which will make it possible for all of us to achieve our potential whether it be good or bad.

Of course the Republicans claim that the Democrats are Johnny-come- lately in the God name game. They have always claimed that God is a Republican. If so, that explains why there are so many atheists and agnostics. Come to think of it, neither party has a plank in their platforms designed to garner the votes of non-believers.

I’ve noted that both presidential candidates are treading lightly on their parties platforms. Good move.

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Charles Leck said...

God is a strange duck compared to us. Perhaps he is a Libertarian. Did you give thought to that. I wonder where He is on global warming. On universal health care. On entitlements.

I know this. The Twins and Indians are even up for last place and both are begging for help and luck. I wonder if they are also praying.

What was Ryan's time in the marathon again? God only knows!