Messing With Ave

As a wannabe suave blogger, I've decided to misbehave and mess around with ave. The High Primal does not feel I'm depraved and gave her blessing. Under other circumstances, messing around has proven to be a grave error sometimes resulting in an early grave. So here it goes:

Better to be a knave than a slave.

Better to be a brave slave than a depraved knave.

The brave deserve more than a wave.

The brave deserve to have their names engraved.

I crave to explore a cave.

The road to hell is not paved.

It was a close shave but he forgave me.

During a crime wave many people misbehave.

I've saved the best for last.

Whether  I gave it my best, I’ll leave to you, but a rave for my post would make me your slave

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