Nice Going Bibi

(Photo from the NY Times)
Netanyahu's "show and tell" presentation to the United Nations must have been an embarrassment to the White House. With all the aid money we funnel to Israel, one would think that Israel could have put forth a classy power point presentation. Somehow a sketch of a Keystone Kop bomb just does not get me excited. A giggle perhaps, but no urge to kick the shit out of Iran. Think back to Colin Powell and his weapons of mass destruction presentation before the Security Council. Now that was class and expensive, although not as expensive as the stupid war it got us involved in. Getting back to Netanyahu and his bomb, I hope it at least got Iran thinking that Israel doesn't know the difference between a Keystone Kop bomb and a nuclear bomb. That should dispel any fear that Israel is a nuclear threat, in which case there is no sense in Iran going broke trying to become one. Nice going Bibi.

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Charles Leck said...

You know there will be questions in the very first debate about Israel. The President is vulnerable here as far as the American Jewish community is concerned. Their votes are at stake. A perfect example of how difficult it is to separate sensible foreign policy from politics.