New Choppers On The Way

You know you're old when you outlive your dentures. It seems like it was only yesterday when a dentist told me that "these dentures will last a lifetime". It took twenty-five years for the old choppers to bite the dust. Actually, they were having a hard time biting anything. Today another dentist again told me, " these dentures will last you a lifetime". I'm betting that the second dentist has it right. Can't really blame dentist#1 for his optimism. I'm sure that his actuarial tables had me long ascended into the choir silent by now. Assuming I can keep my other body parts under control, I'm tempted to make dentist#2 a loser also but my age says "don't push it". Let's see - new plumbing for my heart, prostate brachiotherapy ( love that word), colon repair, carotid artery reaming, and now new dentures - I'm beginning to feel like the bionic man. What's next, hearing aids? Nawh, enough is enough. Besides, I might begin to understand some of the political gibberish going on. Can't wait for the new choppers to get here - I'm getting sick of oatmeal.

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Charles Leck said...

Choppers, ey? What can I say? I think the day is coming for me, too. Cleveland is tenaciously holding on to last place. The Twins though are only a game ahead and I'm still figuring them to beat your hopeless squad to the bottom. As it looks now, however, you may have been wise not to take my bet offer. Chicken, but wise!