Living With A High Primal Thinker

What is a high primal thinker? Since I live with a high primal thinker I should be able to come up with a definition. I find however, that it is indefinable. That’s part of being a high primal thinker. You proclaim that you are and no one can dispute it since its not definable. The last sentence is an example of high primal thinking (living with a high primal thinker is contagious). One thing I do know is that a high primal thinker is not stupid. In fact high primal thinking is a front for a fountain of knowledge. My high primal thinker puts the likes of Leonard Maltin to shame when it comes to recalling movies and actors ( especially supporting actors). Wolf Blitzer should consider her for a position of senior political analyst in the Situation Room. Rachel Ray has nothing on her when it comes to innovative recipes. Her knowledge of grammar acquired from overzealous nuns makes me self-conscious every time I speak or write. I have also learned that high primal thinkers are not humble, have an opinion on everything, will volunteer their opinions even when they are not solicited and of course are never wrong. It goes with the territory and makes life lively. Something else I have discovered about high primal thinkers - they are caring persons, great mothers, and loving spouses.


Cathy said...

You forgot to add that High-Primal Thinkers are also wonderful grandmothers and GREAT-grandmothers!! I love you both and miss you! Hope to see you in person soon.

Anonymous said...


I agree with Cathy:)

I just read your blog for the first time and found it quite amusing.