Musing about Isaac

  • Isaac is making the Republican PR people earn their keep. They are being forced to compete with Mother Nature for headlines. Me thinks they will lose the battle. I'd rather be watching a shivering reporter out in a tropical storm than an interview with a male right to life blowhard.
  • I can't get too excited about a political party which picks Florida for a convention in the middle of hurricane season.
  • I wonder if some relative of Isaac will rain on Obama's party in the Bank of America stadium. Bank of America? Didn't know they hob nobed with the Democrats. Why do politicians insist on challenging Mother Nature?
  • Isaac may very well do convention viewers  a favor and keep Jindal home.
  • A hurricane may not hit Tampa but a pseudo category 3 hurricane will rage through the convention hall regardless; bullshit will be flying around at 120mph, causing extensive damage.
  • Will Mother Nature finally put an end to mega poltical conventions?
  • Romney plans to reintroduce himself to the American public if Isaac gives his OK. I knew there was something phony about him right along.

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