Whistling In The Dark

Congress’ version of ‘Nero Fiddling While Rome Burns’ is to take a five week vacation. I guess our esteemed representatives must have made some deal with the Devil ( or their lobbyist masters) to put on hold anymore massacres ala Aurora, Colorado and to put on hold any further disasters caused by global warming. The poor bastards have been working awful hard. Bringing a nation to its knees by playing political games instead of legislating is hard work. What makes it so difficult is choosing the lobbyist with the most money.

Charles Leck through his ‘
ad astra’ blog has been on a tear lately trying to bring his reader’s attention to the necessity to do something about global warming for the benefit of our children. His quest is well taken but the reality is that we are not hurting enough yet. It will take a disaster of major proportions before our politicians will dare incur the wrath of big business by implementing regulations which will keep global warming at bay. Remember a bullet to the head of a Congresswoman was not enough to influence any meaningful gun control legislation.

Our politicians will argue that they can’t tackle issues like gun control, global warming, Social Security and health care and still expect to be elected. The fact of the matter is that they probably would dare snub the big money lobbyists if they had just one champion willing to get on his horse and lead the charge no matter the political fall out. Such a champion has not come forth. The odds of one coming out of the closet are pretty slim.

No, it will not happen after the November election. The day after the election it will be time to start Campaign 2016 and that costs money.

I hope some group takes a page out of the Tea Party success story and comes up with a third party movement willing to mess with the real issues confronting the country.

If I may resort to some clichés we need a battle royal with the big money interests. We need to rake our representative s over the coals starting with The White House. Only a pitched battle will do the trick. I know that I’m whistling in the dark and at best talking through my hat. Why the clichés - hoping to prove that my clichés are as stupid as those floating around Washington and the campaign trail.

On this Sunday morning, this is the Gospel according to Tony. Go in peace and hope the AC does not break down.

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