Wimpy Campaign Slogans

As the brawl called Campaign 2012 drags on, one thing is for certain. If a knockout punch was to be delivered based on the choice of a campaign slogan, the brawl is destined to be a draw. Romney would have us "Believe In America" while Obama orders us "Forward". I wonder how many millions went into these unimaginative slogans.

 Romney wants me to believe in America but so far the America he is trying to paint is not the America I believe in. I suspect that when push came to shove the choice of a slogan had nothing to do with coming up with something catchy. It had all to do with wrapping a flag around himself and hope that would cover up his desire to steal my America.

Obama says "Forward". That makes sense. No candidate would ever yell backward - or would they. The question remains however, forward to what? Someone who came up with "Yes We Can", can do better than "Forward". At least the "Yes We Can" had some substance behind it. Mr. President, get bold, then there will be no problem in marching forward.

In any case, the bumper stickers have been printed  but you would never know it from the rear end of cars. That's another story in itself. In the meantime I will continue to believe in America and I'm anxious to march forward to a brighter and smarter America.

 I'm Tony Rugare, and I approve this message.

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