Too old to vote?

I’m ready to vote. The issues are clear to me. Waiting another 84 days to vote will only cloud my mind - not the issues. I’m tired of the attack ads. I’m tired of Romney’s smirk. Actually I’m tired of the whole process.

There has been much talk about the Republican strategy of pushing for stringent voter ID regulations. The strategy is designed to minimize the impact of minorities and the poor but it will also affect the aged.

Remember James Stockdale, Ross Perot’s running mate in the 1992 election? Admiral Stockdale became the patron saint of seniors when in a debate he uttered, "Who am I? Why am I here?" The confusion caused by Voter ID regulations coupled with a never ending election campaign will bring about mind fatigue for many senior voters. Navigating the mine field of voting regulations may very well result in some of the aged lamenting; who am I and why am I here? If you don’t know who you are, you will never get by the ID requirements.

So what’s my point? I’ve forgotten. Hold it, I remember - I’m tired . No, that’s not it. It had something to do with my voting. The strategy to keep minorities and the poor away from the polls by making it more difficult to vote, also affects the aged.   Many in the  generation that survived The Great Depression, fought World War II and made the U.S.A. into a superpower  will be kept from voting because of confusing ID regulations and the manipulation of voting times.

As for the minorities and the poor, they can be kicked around only so long before they take matters into their own hands. Ultimately they will have their say. Hopefully it will be in the voting booth.

 One must also ask, why isn’t the United States, the champion of democracy, aggressively adopting policies of making it easier to vote , rather than more difficult.

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