RYAN-ROMNEY? I'm probably way off base but I don't think the GOP's gift to the electorate is a Romney-Ryan ticket. The Grand Old Party has slipped one over on us. The conservative wing of the party has won the battle for the selection of the man to run the country. The power on the ticket will be Paul Ryan.  Mitt Romney will run as the presidential nominee in name only.

 There is no way a Paul Ryan would have gotten through the primaries as a presidential candidate but he can make it in Tampa. Ryan is destined to be the GOP's pseudo presidential candidate. Romney the business man has been outdone by the politicians and should start getting his tax havens in order. Hispanics, African-Americans and female wannabes president in the GOP will have to wait until 2016.

Obama-Biden have their work cut out for them. Hope they don't play it conservatively. In my humble opinion, now is the time to go after the juglar vein. We can't afford to have a Paul Ryan running the country.

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