Sticking Their Nose Where It Does Not Belong

Romney For President of Poland
I feel better about Romney running for president. A recent campaign ad made it clear that Lech Walesa has endorsed Mitt Romney for President. What a relief; Romney is running for President of Poland. Not true? Don't tell me that the venerable Pole, Lech Walesa, would interfere with our politics. Incidentally, there is no truth to the rumor that in return for Walesa's endorsement, Ronmey agreed to be baptized a Catholic when he goes to the choir silent.

Bibi Netanyahu is also sticking his nose in our presidential politics. Bibi is no piker. He may try getting us involved in a war prior to our election. Rumor has it that Israel is itching to strike Iran's nuclear facilities and feels that the United States has an obligation to make sure they are successful. That sure would put Obama between a rock and the hard place. Why doesn't Netanyahu get it over with and join Walesa in endorsing Romney for President ( my preference would be for President of Israel).

I wonder why Obama hasn't picked up such influential endorsements? I hope it's because he knows better.

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