To do or not to do

The High Primal's version of  'going green' is to keep ‘to do’ lists in her head. At her age, getting to them is a challenge but that little sapling in the forest will be forever indebted to her.

Committing a ‘to do’ list to memory may seem like a trivial way to mount an assault on global warming but in the case of the High Primal it’s a big fucking deal. Why, you ask? How many people do you know who make at least three drafts of a ‘to do’ list. Add to that, five drafts of a shopping list and we are talking about a lot of little saps in that forest who will grow up to be big saps and beget more little saps.

I might add that committing a ‘to do list’ or a shopping list to memory is no big deal for the High Primal since rarely did a final draft do its duty. Shopping lists never made it to the super market so shopping was done purely on the basis of what looked good. You didn’t know that shopping lists are home bodies? The ‘to do’ list, intentionally or unintentionally, got lost or became a ‘put-it-off list’. In some cases, today’s ‘to do list’ simply became: do today what you forgot to do yesterday. (The latter only works if you can remember what you forgot to do yesterday.)

The moral of this story is that having a memory, good or bad, sure beats having Alzheimer’s and can do wonders for those saps in the forest.

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