As plain as the nose on Chief Wahoo's face

The Cleveland Indians are on a tear. Not satisfied with being a contender at the All-Star break, they have apparently resolved to clinch last place in the AL Central Division. The Twins will have something to say about this but in the end they will graciously give up their hold on last place. Of course, the Indians could suddenly change their minds and accept mediocrity as compared to being a solid loser. Be that as it may, you can stick a fork in the 2012 season; it's done!

It won’t be long before the sports writers and the fans call for someone’s scalp or scalps. The General Manager, the Manager, the coaches are already circling their wagons. Even the owners will be called upon to sell the team and let someone with a true commitment to winning take over.

This is all nonsense. The reason for the annual collapse of the Cleveland Indians is as plain as the nose on Chief Wahoo’s face. The Chief long ago placed a curse on the Indians. Until he is granted his hard-earned retirement, the team is doomed to be the laughing stock of MLB. That the owners don’t understand this, is testimony to their lack of baseball acumen.

Get rid of the Chief! The cost will be minimal - just some minor changes in the uniforms. Sure, some bigoted fans will tear up their season tickets but that loss of ticket purchasers will be minimal compared to the number of fans lost as seasons such as this one become the norm. It is time to take the Chief’s curse seriously. It is time to bring the Cleveland Indians into the twenty-first century.

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