High Primal Thinking Carried To An Extreme

Sno-Cone Martini

The High Primal’s cocktail preferences are weird to say the least. Her recipe for a sno-cone martini is a classic ( see ed note). Let it be said that the High Primal requires copious amounts of ice when she relaxes with a martini. No, the ice is not for an ice bag for the morning after. The ice according to the High Primal is necessary to adequately dilute the drink.

 A working icemaker is an essential appliance for Happy Hour in the Rugare household. Unfortunately, even high quality icemakers have difficulty making ice when subjected to industrial type use and  require emergency maintenance occasionally. A 911 call was recently made to GE Appliance Repair in an attempt to resuscitate our gasping icemaker. Within two minutes, the technician pronounced the icemaker dead. An autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was extreme exhaustion.

A new ice maker is now laboring in the freezer. In an attempt to ward off more 911 calls in the near future, I thought it best that I review some basics of ice production with the High Primal (High Primals are experts on everything except icemakers).

Ice production is dependent on freezer temperature which is affected by door openings and food loads. More food in the freezer will keep the temperature more stable which in turn will help the icemaker perform more efficiently. GE recommends that the freezer be kept three-fourths full for optimal production. In a household consisting only of a High Primal and a Low Primal this is a challenge.

Not to worry. GE has the solution. I explained to the High Primal that if necessary, plastic jugs filled two-thirds with water could be used to increase the freezer load to three-fourths of its volume.

“Hell”, the High Primal said, “ I have a better solution. I wrap up garbage in freezer bags and store them in the freezer for future disposal”. My low primal thinking went right to work. What did she mean by future disposal? I thought that chili we had a few nights ago tasted rather strange. Did any of my Zantac nights have anything to do with the High Primal’s freezer temperature stabilization procedure? The High Primal took the fifth. End of low primal speculation.

Let it be noted, that the new icemaker is making ice cubes like crazy with help from our garbage.

ed notes: For those martini connoisseurs here is the recipe for a Sno-Cone Matini

- 2 jiggers of cheap gin ( premium gin works as well but is a waste)
- 1 jigger of cheap dry vermouth ( same comment as above)
- stir in a clockwise motion
- add 3 expensive stuffed olives ( cheap olives are not an option)
- add a least 6 large ice cubes
-continue adding cubes as the ice melts, as well as a dash of gin now an then - mostly then

 -The High Primal is also adept at making Manhattans. When ordering, it is best to instruct her to hold the ice.

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