Malocchio Revisited

Beware of the "looker"
It's been about two weeks since I massaged this keyboard hoping it would yield a post for my blog. Obviously I have had writer's constipation. Fortunately, I have never been guilty of the alternative,  writer's diarrhea.  I got quite concerned about my latest dry spell when I found myself not being upset by it. Not having anything to say is bad enough but not giving a shit about it is frightening.

After gaining some semblance of control over my emotions , I was able to rationalize the reason for my blogging inactivity. It's been due to my diet. Not enough fiber in my thinking. This is understandable since it has been about five and a half years since I published my first post. Over 600 posts later, my thoughts and commentaries have started to border on ho-hum. It's almost as though some malware has gotten into my brain.  A review of my early literary efforts revealed a post which might explain my current plight. I'm referring to a post titled "Malocchio", published on 6/8/2007. The post dealt with a curse known as the evil eye.

Malocchio or the evil eye is a look given to inflict harm, suffering, or some form of bad luck on those that it is cast upon. It is a look to be feared. If one suspects that the evil eye is being focused on him , the first line of defense is to point an index finger and small finger ( a. k. a. giving the horns) unobtrusively at the "looker" . If this does not ward off the malocchio, it is time for more drastic action. Not a visit to an urgent care center but a visit to someone "possessing the power" to expunge the malocchio.

I suspect that someone has put the  malocchio on me when I wasn't looking. If I were looking , I would have given the bastard the horns as well as a few other obscene gestures. The SOB must have been jealous of my blog and cast a spell which makes me ambivalent about my blogging.

I've got to get rid of this spell. Unfortunately there is no one nearby who has the power to expunge the malocchio. Yes. there is a witch in the neighborhood but she is a Witch of the West type who creates problems rather than resolves problems. My sister has the power but she lives in Florida and I won't see her until later in the year. It occurred to me that perhaps somewhere in my blog I could find the solution to my plight.

In the process of searching through my archived posts, the light suddenly came on. Other than making my reading easier, the light coming on revealed that I have already put most of my thoughts about  politics, sports and the economy that are worth a plug nickel in print. My grey cells are tired of putting out the same crap disguised with varying titles. If I needed more proof, it's this post. Why the hell after five years am I writing about malocchio again! Besides feeling ten pounds lighter, I don't feel that I have made much of a  contribution to the art of blogging. At least I have convinced myself that writer's constipation is best dealt with by relaxing and not worrying about it too much. The malady is my doing and not the work of a "looker". In the end, the posts within me that matter will find their way out into cyberspace. If  writer's constipation takes hold, so what! I neither have a deadline or an editor.

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