Supper Bowl Sunday?

I can remember when Super Bowl Sunday was all about football. The newspaper the past few days has told me otherwise. It seems that today is more about food than it it is about clobbering the quarterback. Judging from the recipes that have been printed and the displays at the supermarket, today is the day to gorge ourselves on chili, chips, dip, kielbasi, dogs and for the timid indulging in some salads will do. Super Bowl Sunday has become Supper Bowl Sunday.

Sometime during the day we'll be asked to view some entertainment consisting of some loud mouths gyrating on a stage and hoping that there is a wardrobe malfunction - the publicity would be priceless. Speaking of priceless, the football competition has been displaced by a commercial competition. Some corporation today will be crowned as the sponsor of the cutest or most outrageous commercial - I can hardly wait to turn it off.

As if to tempt me to participate in Supper Bowl, the weather today is gorgeous. It's warm enough to do some grilling outside and pretend that I'm tailgating. There's no way I'll succumb to temptation. It will be a cold day in hell before I drag the Weber out of the garage in February to cremate some sausages.

This is probably making me sound like a curmudgeon. If so I've succeeded in getting my message across. Super Bowl Sunday no longer holds the glamour that it did in my younger days. It has something to do with how violent the game of football has become and how obnoxious the practitioners have become. I know, it also has something to do with how old I have become. No matter, on this Supper Bowl Sunday I will have supper or perhaps more properly dinner as usual. Around the time of the game, the high primal will be tuning in to "Downton Abbey". I'm pretty sure I will be joining her. There is nothing like watching a foreign film on Super Bowl Sunday. I hope there are some subtitles. A spot of tea would also be nice.

( Asked the high primal what she thought of this post. Her response, "It's cute". Now what the hell does that mean? It's not humorous for sure. It's not clever for sure. I did not intend for this post to be cute. I hate "cute" - with the exception of Betty Boop. Maybe I should watch that cute football game after all.)

Ended up watching PUPPY BOWL VIII with the high primal and had a blast. My only disappointment was that a Miniature Schnauzer was not in the line up. Downton Abbey also proved to be a winner.

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