On Groundhog Day

Wednesday, February2nd, 6:00 am. I stirred in my bed after a restless night. For some reason or other, all I could think of during the night was that the morning would bring some important news. It could not have anything to do with the Republican presidential primaries. Florida capitulated to the Republican establishment yesterday. It was much too early in the month for any important Cleveland Indians news unless the Dolans decided to have some mercy on the fans and sell the team. I did dream that banks raised their interest rates on savings to double digits. No sooner had they raised the rates the dream turned into a nightmare. The banks failed and the FDIC funds somehow or other ended up in Pakistan. I awoke with a start , glanced at the clock - 6:15 am. I had to get some sleep but now I was tormented with thoughts of what the day had in store for me. I popped a Tylenol Night Time and tried to get a little more sleep. I read somewhere that a good night’s sleep was important and I wasn’t about to try and disprove it.

Suddenly the alarm clock shrieked 7:30 and the sun came crashing through the blinds. I awoke with a start, turned off the f--king clock and rolled over in bed. The blazing sun pleaded with me to get up. Dutifully I finally got out of bed, not realizing that I was getting out on the wrong side. I carefully planted my feet on the floor and slowly raised my weary body. When I managed to get my eyes completely opened, I could not help but stare at the wall. There was no mistaking about what was on the wall. My shadow filled the wall. Oh shit, six more weeks of winter! Back to bed, maybe tomorrow morning will bring better news. I can use the sleep.

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