Obama and the Bishops

Dear Mr. President:

It has come to my attention that you have angered the Catholic Bishops with your regulation requiring that all employers provide for free birth control medication in their health care policies. As a result the Bishops are mounting a campaign to deny you a second term.

It has also come to my attention that you are seeking some sort of compromise which will salvage the Catholic vote. You and I both know that Catholics are damn good customers of birth control pills. I really don't think that too many Catholics who supported you in 2008 will desert you this time around.

Still if you are that concerned about the Catholic vote and you want to get those Bishops off your back, I believe there is a way out without making you look like a flip flopper or worse yet a weakling.

As you may have heard, Romney is bad mouthing you as being against religion. Here's how to kill two birds with one stone ( please do not take that literally).

Let your regulation stand but sneak in a qualification that I'm sure the Bishops will like. Simply qualify the regulation to state that if the employer is the Catholic Church, the health care insurance it provides to employees must provide for free contraception devices for all employees except Catholics. Of course this means that upon employment, persons must declare their religion. That may cause a little flak with the ACLU but it will be past November before anyone can get the Supreme Court involved.

Just think, you will be lauded for the respect you show for religion. Romney will have to dig up some other untruths about you and Catholics can still have their birth control help and free at that. You don't understand the latter? I suspect that most Catholic employees in a church facility will opt for non-practicing Catholic rather than ten mouths too feed.

It's worth a try. If you decide to trash my proposal, I urge you to stand your ground. The more you compromise the more you look like a Conservative. Two Conservatives running for the Presidency in November would be unconstitutional.



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