The Man Has Flipped

Has Newt Gingrich flipped? The relentless beating that Gingrich has been taking from Romney in Florida has apparently caused the real Newt Gingrich to surface. This is especially true when it comes to religion. The man has been quoted as saying, “I will make religious liberty your right, to go with God with no government interference.” This in response to his church's position that religious freedom has been compromised because of the government's new regulation requiring employers to cover birth control in their health policies. The man is a professional Catholic and professional Catholics toe the line when their Bishop speaks.

Go with God with no government interference. Sounds like something an Ayatollah would say. Whose God shares in this freedom? Are honor killings in the name of God free from government interference? How about polygamy? If my God wills that I satiate my sexual appetite with multiple wives, am I free to do so.

Because the government requires that birth control be covered in employer's health care policies does not mean that a couple can't screw their heads off without a condom or birth control pills. If they intend to populate the world with cute Catholic babies it is still their privelege to do so. The position of the Catholic Church in opposing this regulation and attacking the administration is untenable.

As a converted Catholic, Gingrich has demonstrated that his church's support in his quest for the presidency warrants his publicly kowtowing to every decree it issues. If he had any guts he would bring his confessors to task for allowing pedophiles to sit in that confessional. The man has flipped. That's not surprising since he was a nut to begin with.

Its too bad that he has flipped. Obama would have made mince meat out of him. Obama will probably have to contend with Romney and his inexhaustible war chest. Lets hope that Romney continues to play the role of a stand up comedian thus making a vulnerable ass of himself.

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Charles Leck said...

Liked this post! Good, old Newt. He'll never change! He's like the proverbial bull in a china shop!