Can Spring be far behind

Just as a funk was getting the best of me ( I actually began to wonder whether or not this blog was relevant), I gazed out the window and glory, glory, hallelujah, and two hoorays, two finches were at my feeder. I had not seen a finch out there since last November. So what? Amidst all the garbage that is going on in the nation and world, its refreshing to realize that there are  some beautiful things to look forward to - Spring for instance, with its birds, flowers and yes, baseball.

 Obviously I did not ditch this blog. Is it relevant? Not really, but if I measured everything by relevancy, life would end up being pretty dull and  there would be little left to chirp about ( could not resist that). As for blogging, I need to remind myself now and then that after all, blogging is not for sissies (that last one might make a good tweet).

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