A Cake For A Birthday

In recent years I have ventured into  uncharted waters . Now and then I announce to the high primal that I’m taking over the kitchen and dinner will be on me that evening. I must confess that so far I’ve only wet my toes. The menu is pretty much restricted to ‘soul food’. The high primal does not mind as long as it’s a night off for her and I don’t put a lot of bucks down the garbage disposal.

Early on, after my demonstration of some degree of culinary skills , she urged me to tackle baking. Being an accomplished diplomat, she pointed out that my technical training was well suited to baking a cake. Not wanting to admit that some of my technical projects actually ended up in failure, I finally succumbed to the challenge. ForSt. Valentines Day - 2008 I researched recipes for a Tiramisu cake. Word had it that this type of dessert definitely needs the preciseness of an engineer. The cake was a success or so I am told. For the past four years , I have been reminded that I should repeat my Tiramisu success.

Will it be tasty?
Let it be known that for my daughters birthday I decided to try baking a cake again. This took a lot of courage since my daughter is a darn good baker. My choice was a chocolate cake - using an organic mix no less.  Everyone enjoyed it - even this blogger. Holy cow, another success!

I’m not going to wait another four years to bake again. At my age this is not an option. Easter is coming up. How about some zeppole? Not healthy. Taste good though. We’ll see.

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