Gun Control Was AWOL!

It has been almost a week since President Barack Obama's State of The Union (SOTU) address. Obama's speech has been reviewed, dissected, praised, vilified and whatever else political writers do. I can't avoid getting my two cents worth in, fully realizing that's about what my musing about the SOTU address would command on the open market.

First of all the evening of the address was remarkable for the ovation paid to one member of the House of Representatives - Gabrielle Giffords. To say that the tribute was deserved does not do enough tribute to this wonderful, brave public servant.

Second of all, I will not comment about the pros and cons of what the President proposed in his address. These are better left to others who are students of the political scene. I will comment about what was left out of the President's SOTU address.

With the ovation to Gifford's still resonating in the House Chambers, there was no mention of gun control. Here was a woman barely able to stand up and barely able to clap because of a gun shot wound to the head a year ago and not one mention of what is to be done about the lack of effective gun control in this country.

The lack of bipartisanship action in Washington has been duly chronicled. On the evening of SOTU, Congress and the President did demonstrate that bipartisanship is not dead. It did so in paying tribute to Gabrielle Giffords. It did so in completely ignoring the flaw on our society which brought down the public service of Gabrielle Giffords. It did so in deciding that the events in Tuscon, Arizona a year ago did not deserve their attention.

The National Rifle Association owns both the Republican and Democrat parties when it comes to giving us effective gun control legislation. It is a crime that our representatives have been bought. Gun Control is AWOL and the blood of victims of sloppy gun laws is on the hands of those who can do something about it but are scared stiff it will cost them votes.

There is not a vocal politician who does not support the Second Amendment. I also support the Second Amendment but my interpretation leaves a lot of room for effective gun control. Mankind and assassins have been joined at the hip for centuries. Gun control will not eliminate assassins but it will make their work more difficult.

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