XMAS Packed Away- Welcome 2012

Call me Grinch, call me Scrooge but once we are past December 25 I have to put Xmas in a box. I would like to emphasize that it is Xmas I put in a box, not Christmas. I will do my best to milk the Christmas spirit for all that it is worth in spite of what is going on in this country of ours and the world.

Considering the mayhem and atrocities being inflicted on fellow human beings, I have to wonder if this is God's plan for population control. The population of the world seems to be growing exponentially but imagine what the growth would be if we stopped killing each other.

I see that the NRA has snared another presidential wannabe, put him in a hunter's outfit complete with the NRA logo and a weapon. Reports are that Santorum bagged a few birds. No word on the sexual orientation of the birds. I'm sure Rick Santorum was hoping to bag a few gay quails.  At least he did not shoot a fellow hunter in the ass ala Cheney.

Back to Xmas. It has been packed away for another year. Wish there was some way to pack away the mandatory New Years celebration. Actually I don't wish that. As the years pile on, I'm grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the coming of yet another year. So HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Be happy all through 2012 and don't be in a hurry to welcome 2013. As the song goes " and the years dwindle down to a precious few".

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